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Understanding the Language Issue

The essence of The Great Divide can be found in the title. What became an enduring struggle between the French and the English began with a series of blood feuds. From there it progressed into a long and difficult search for fairness and accommodation.

Bilingualism, once hailed as a panacea, has, for the most part, not lived up to expectations. Duality, the preferred option for some, is deemed to be expensive and divisive; segregation is offensive to many.

In the past, useless wars, half vast ideas from politicians, manipulation by government bureaucrats, and a self-serving elite have often stood in the way of progress. This has resulted in a huge expenditure of tax dollars with minimal results. Can we not find a solution to this problem?

The Great Divide dares present the facts and ask the tough questions. It is hoped that this book will form the framework for an informed discussion – one that is long overdue.

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The Great Divide $19.95 (includes shipping)

Low-Risk, Easy Investing For Ordinary People

The title says it all. This mini-guide will help you learn how to invest your money safely and protect your nest-egg in the turbulent years ahead.

From Warren Buffett to Dick Davis, the best possible insights are included. You will learn what 90% of the population has ignored and what the financial services industry doesn’t want you to know.

There is no need for people to lose their money by investing in questionable stocks or in bad mutual funds. You will learn how to avoid these pitfalls. People can get a good return on their money and still sleep well at night. This mini-guide is the ordinary person’s path to financial security. It is perfect for those with little or no experience. This is the simple, low-risk plan used by many successful people.

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How To Grow Your Money $19.95 (includes shipping)

What You Absolutely Need To Know

Along with failing to learn about money, many people also fail to learn about relationships. Understanding the relationship between love, sex, relationships and money is crucial. That is why I include Money, Mating and Marriage in this plan. Whether you are married, or single and wanting to someday be in a serious relationship, this guide is a must. It is literally worth its weight in gold. An unsatisfactory relationship will prevent most people from joining together for prosperity.

The good news is that many relationships can be improved by using the information in this mini-guide. You will gain a new understanding of how an unhealthy relationship can affect your financial well-being. Men and women both will find this mini-guide a truly delightful addition to their life.

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Money, Mating and Marriage $19.95 (includes shipping)

Why You Must Prepare Now For What Lies Ahead

This mini-guide will convince you of the need to take action now – financially and personally.

We are being warned that even here in North America we will experience resource shortages and climate changes like we have never seen before. 2010 was just the beginning. We are facing a potential environmental nightmare.

On the financial front, you’ll read about how the ‘perfect storm’ is being created by the ‘debt bomb’ – a combination of high debt, huge deficits and an aging population. We are a generation in trouble. This is why a section called Your Personal Protection Plan is included in this guide. At no time in our history has adequate preparation been more urgent. Before The Dominoes Fall should be regarded as ‘a must-read’. We have a moral responsibility to protect both our families and our finances for the future.

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Before The Dominos Fall $19.95 (includes shipping)

How NOT to end up with the wrong person

The effects of relationship failure and divorce can be devastating and often the cause is nothing more than a case of being ‘mismatched’.

In a world with such a high divorce rate (4 out of 10 marriages) and so many unhappy couples, this guide will provide young adults, and even older adults, with the tools needed to help find the right life partner and “get it right the first time”.

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Love, Mating and The Rest of Your Life $19.95 (includes shipping)

The story of Canada’s contribution
to the American Civil War

Many Canadians are not aware that thousands of their countrymen served with distinction in the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865.

They were present in all the great battles throughout the war.

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Canadian Blood, American Soil $19.95 (includes shipping)


Mystery Plane Found in New Brunswick is a monograph written by Jim Cougle about two young men who joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in the 1920s and were called to serve in active combat when war broke out in 1939.

“The only decent aircraft in Canada at that time was the Northrop Delta but those planes were not designed for wartime use or combat situations … nonetheless, they were pressed into action on Canada’s East Coast …”

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Mystery Plane Found in New Brunswick $11.95 (includes shipping)

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